We want to start a list of the online resources that have been helpful to us.  Please comment with any resources that you have found and we will add it to our list!

Vache rouge à tête noire                                                                                                                                                                                                          Prehistoric Art- When we study prehistoric man, we love to show this website on our projector.  It has a virtual tour with details           about the cave in Lascaux, France.

Pyramids of Giza

Ancient Egypt- The British Museum has a wonderfully interactive site with lots of information for teachers and students!

Ancient Greece- mythology, war, the Olympic Games and much more- has a treasure trove of information about the fundamental needs of the ancient Greeks.
For a great website on the Timeline of Life (the authors of the website are familiar with Montessori and use a lot of terminology that correlates with our materials), go to has an abundance of free reading passages/comprehension questions that are aligned to the Common Core.  You can sort the passages by grade level, genre, or lexile level.  I like to coordinate our reading comprehension work with our Cosmic Journey (i.e. when we are exploring the First Great Lesson, we read passages about rocks, volcanoes, the solar system, etc.) and this resource makes it easy to find reading passages!

My Buttons
Hello Literacy! is a website that links to a TeacherPayTeachers store.  It is written by a literacy coach who works with students and develops strategies and lessons to help reading and reading comprehension.  I've used several of her products and love them because they focus on cooperative work, not worksheets!

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